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Hair Care

  • Clear Hydrating Conditioner

    CLEAR HYDRATING 400ML: CONDITIONER CLEAR HYDRATING CONDITIONER 400ml 1 UNIT Repair your damaged hair. Made especcially to detangle and rehydrate your strands. This fantastic conditioner is made from strands, from a unique blend of ingredients, including Vitamin E, rich Argan Oil, proteins and keratin. Vitamin E has been show to help improve and strengthen hair, keratin is the very building block of hair strands and proteins help to enrich your hair, wheter it is perfectly healthy or suffering from damage. Leave your hair with a wondrous feel of silky smoothness and lustrous shine, completely hidrated and full of flexible elasticity.

  • Clear Hydrating Shampoo

    CLEAR HYDRATING 400ML: SHAMPOO CLEAR HYDRATING SHAMPOO 400ml 1 UNIT Bring back life and luster to your hair. Infused with Argan Oil, rich in Vitamin E and hair strengthening Keratin, this shampoo is specially blended to help restore health and shine to your hair. Completely safe for color treated hair. Bring back life and luster to your locks.

  • Instant Repairing Mask

    Instant Repairing Mask Is a unique mask will rehydrate, revitalize and repair your strands so they stand out with a lustrous shine and silky smoothness, with continue use your hair will gain the manageability and elasticity that you have always wanted. Add it to already healthy hair for a brighter shine and even stronger strands!

  • Moroccan Argan Oil

    MOROCCAN ARGAN OIL 50ml 1UNIT Is a unique serum with instant absorption int hair and skin to create a beautiful shine and long term conditioning. High in Vitaminan E and essential fatty acids. Can be instantly absorbeb into the hair and skin and provide antioxidan to the hair and skin.


    MPLEX BOND REGENERATOR: STYLIST KIT – PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY – 300ML RECONSTRUCTOR 100ml 1 UNIT STABILIZER 100ml 2 UNITS Is the most complete system of its category. It reconnects broken disulfide sulfur bonds in the hair. Is created to offer fabulous strengthen, protect, detoxify and repair benefits to the hair. Should now be an integral part of your color, lightening, perm, straightening services and can also be used as a standalone treatment for long lasting results.

  • MPlex 3 Bond Perfector

    No. 3 Bond Perfector